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Restaurant Manager John Horkins

By: Jen Jones

Restaurant Manager Job Description

On a daily level, a restaurant manager must coordinate with staff, waiters, and cooks concerning the day's outlook. For pastry chefs, this will mean making sure all items, like baking supplies, sugar, and flavors, are available in inventory. Scheduled baked goods, like cakes, must be baked on time to meet personal orders or dessert displays. Setting up the best times to bake goods, especially if food products like cookies and cupcakes are running low is another daily responsibility.

Restaurant Manager Careers

There are many career niches that a restaurant manager can focus on. They can focus on managing an entire restaurant or merely a portion within. Often larger restaurants have several managers taking care of several aspects of the business. For example, a pastry manager can be the dessert specialist for the entire restaurant, while the general manager works with employees, customers, and suppliers.

Restaurant Manager Job Requirements

Leadership skills and an advanced education provide useful skills for any restaurant manager. You must have the drive to manage workers so that the restaurant can remain successful and well-managed. Concentrating on all details of the restaurant, such as how it looks and how the servers are doing, are essential skills. Having a degree in restaurant management from an accredited culinary school is a definite asset.

Restaurant Manager Education

It is important to make sure that the restaurant manager education program you attend is accredited. Certificate programs are available, but these programs only last about a year. Associate degree or bachelor degree programs in restaurant management are very helpful in training and skills, but do take a few extra years.

Restaurant Manager Salary

Many graduates of culinary schools earn around $32,000 a year in their first year of managing. Over time, a successful manager can command a salary upward of $75,000 a year.

Restaurant Manager Videos

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